Three Chain Link Options For Your Pool

11 April 2023
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Chain link fencing is one of the most popular materials to use for a pool fence. If you've attended a few pool parties in recent years, you can probably remember being in a pool that had a chain link fence around it. If you're getting a new pool fence installed and you've decided that chain link will be the best material for you, your next step will be to evaluate how you want this material to look. Chain link pool fencing can have all sorts of different appearances, each of which offers some advantages. Here are three popular chain link pool fence options.

Plain Aluminum

If you want to keep things simple, you might want a plain aluminum chain link fence. This type of fence is the same as what you've likely seen in numerous areas around your community, from peoples' yards to local parks. The silverish hue of the aluminum offers a neutral and familiar look. If you have a poured concrete pool deck, which typically has a gray appearance, you might find that the look of a plain aluminum chain link fence around the pool deck offers somewhat of a similar style.


Another option is for the chain link pool fence to be black. In most cases, you'll find that black chain link is coated in a thin layer of vinyl coating to give it this appearance. This material also protects the aluminum, helping to improve its longevity. Some people like vinyl-coated chain link fencing because it has a softer feel. Whereas aluminum can be a little sharp or rough in places, you won't have this issue with the vinyl coating. This can be more pleasant for people when they lean on the pool fence while hanging out at a pool party, for example.


White chain link fencing is at the other end of the color spectrum. Like black, this type of chain link is coated in a thin layer of vinyl. White offers a clean look that you might enjoy. Perhaps the biggest advantage of this color is that it doesn't stand out as much as darker hues. This can make you less aware of the pool fence, which can especially be important in a small pool space. White can also be a good match if you have various types of white trim on the exterior of your home. Contact your local fence company to discuss these chain link options.