3 Things To Know About Cedar Wood Fencing

11 April 2022
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Wood fencing is a popular choice since wood is a natural product that looks nice around your yard and it gives your property a classic look. Cedar is a good option for a wood fence, although there are other options to consider. When compared with other types of wood, cedar is often desired because of its appearance and long lifespan. Here are things you may want to know about cedar wood fencing.

1. White Cedar Has A Long Lifespan

There are different types of cedar wood fencing. You'll probably choose from what's available locally so you don't have to pay to have the wood shipped in. You'll want to talk to your fence contractor about the species of cedar wood fencing in your area.

White cedar typically has a long lifespan, so it could be a good choice if you want the fence to last for many years. Red cedar is also a good choice for residential fencing.

2. Cedar Fencing Is Often Made From Sapwood

At one time, cedar wood fencing was made from heartwood. This is the part of wood that's in the center of the tree. The sapwood is the outer part of the tree. The heartwood is most desirable since the inner wood has the strongest aroma, darkest color, and most durability. This is because it has less moisture than the outer layers of sapwood where moisture and nutrients circulate.

Since the amount of old-growth cedar is diminishing and forestry regulations are in place to protect the trees, cedar used for fencing today often comes from fast-growing cedar trees or sapwood. While the wood is still superior to other types of wood, and the wood still resists rotting, it has a slightly different appearance in color and grain from old-growth heartwood fences.

3. You Can Let Cedar Wood Fencing Age Naturally

You can stain or paint a cedar wood fence or you can let it age naturally. If you don't want to bother with staining the fence every few years, you can just let the fence turn a natural gray color as it ages. However, staining is usually the best way to care for your fence, especially if you want to maintain its pretty color.

You can use a clear stain that protects the wood yet lets the color and grain show. You can even buy tinted stain if you want to give your fence some color. Painting is probably the worst option for your cedar fence, but you can talk to your fence contractor for advice. Cedar doesn't absorb paint well, so the paint often flakes off in a short amount of time and becomes an eyesore. Look into cedar wood fencing near you.