Investing In A New Aluminum Fence? How To Prepare For The Installation

23 December 2019
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If you plan to have a new aluminum fence installed this winter, make sure you're prepared for the project. You may have the necessary permits, but that's not the only step you need to take where the installation of a new fence is concerned. Here are four important steps you need to take before you have your new aluminum fence installed. 

Notify Your HOA

If you lived in a planned community and your community is governed by an HOA, you need to notify them before you have your fence installed. Your HOA may have rules and regulations regarding the installation of fences. Some of those regulations may include the specific type of fence you can install or even the size of the fence that's allowed on your property. Failure to obtain HOA permission prior to the installation of your fence could lead to fines and penalties. Not only that, the HOA could require you to remove the fence after you've gone to the expense of having it installed. Avoid the problems by notifying the HOA in advance. 

Invest in a Property Survey

If you're going to have a new fence installed, it's important that you invest in a property survey. It's not enough to simply make a rough estimate or an educated guess about your property line, especially where a new fence is concerned. The last thing you want to do is have a new fence installed only to find out that it's resting on your neighbors property line. If that happens, you could end up owing your neighbor some money, especially if they choose to sue you for the encroachment. Avoid property line disputes by investing in a property survey before you have your fence installed. 

Keep Your Neighbors in the Loop

If you've conducted the property survey, but you still haven't let your neighbors know about your plans, you should do that right away. This is particularly important if you're going to be removing an existed fence. Your neighbors may feel better about the project if they're kept in the loop about your plans for a joint fence. 

Have Your Underground Utilities Marked

If you're going to have a new fence installed in your yard, be sure to have your underground utilities marked off as soon as possible. Your installation crew will need to know where the underground utilities are located, especially if any type of excavation or digging will be required within the yard. Once the underground utilities are marked, the installation crew will be able to dig without fear of accidents, injuries, or costly repairs to those lines.

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