What Things You Should Consider Before You Buy a Gazebo

12 June 2019
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Gazebos bring a lot to your backyard atmosphere. They not only help to keep you shaded and cool during the summertime, but they are a good investment for your property as well. If you have a large property, it's possible a gazebo could be used for special occasions like weddings or birthday parties.

Before you buy a gazebo, there are a few things you need to consider and think about first. These can include what type of material you want, to what shape you want the gazebo to be. Here are a few other things you should consider before you buy a gazebo.

What Will the Gazebo Be Used For?

When you go to buy a gazebo, you should know what you want to use it for. While you don't only have to pick one, having a good idea of what its main purpose will help you and the company you choose to buy it from to build you the right one for your needs.

For example, do you want one to house your hot tub? Would you like it in your garden to provide shade for you on a sunny day? Would you like to place it beside your pool in the event you have no large trees to help you dry off and prevent you from getting too hot or burned? When you know what you mostly will use the gazebo for, it will help you decide on the type and style of the structure.

Where Do You Want the Gazebo to Go?

The next thing you need to think about is where in your backyard do you want the gazebo to go? This can help determine the size and shape of the structure. Gazebos can be placed on any flat area of your yard. They typically have either a wood or concrete base so they are sturdy and secure. You can even place the gazebo on a deck or if you have an existing foundation.

You must think about if the gazebo will be a focal point of the backyard, part of your pool landscaping or perhaps to provide a lounging area on either your deck or shady area of your yard. This will help you decide on what type and the size of structure you need.

What Material Is Right for Your Gazebo?

Gazebos come in two types of materials: wood and vinyl. When you think about what you want to do with your gazebo, where you want it to go and how often you wish to maintain it, it will tell you which material you should buy.

Wood gazebos give you a traditional appearance. You can pick cedar, pine, bamboo or redwood and it will have a sturdy look and feel. The structure will have to be maintained by staining it or painting when it becomes dull. You will have to waterproof it once a year as well so it doesn't warp.

Vinyl gazebo kits offer a great look and sturdy structure. There is no maintenance required except for giving it a washing once in a while. This can be done with a regular garden hose or power washer for the best effect.