3 Ways A Chain-Link Fence Provides An Excellent Balance Of Security Qualities

9 August 2016
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Adding a fence around your property is not a decision that you should make hastily, especially because it can drastically change the dynamic of your home. Some homeowners get a fence just for aesthetic reasons, while others are interested in keeping their pets and children from going into the street. When your primary reason for getting a fence is to increase the security of your home, you should consider a chain-link fence because they come with a unique set of security-related qualities that other fences do not provide.

Maintains Line of Sight with Neighbors

If you are thinking about getting a wooden fence installed, you have to consider the fact that installing one of these fences will eliminate the line of sight with your neighbors. If you live in a friendly neighborhood where everyone looks out for each other, a chain-link fence will maintain line of sight, which is important because you want your trustworthy neighbors to keep an eye on your property. It also allows you to do the same for your neighbors.

Motion Detection Lights Still Work

A huge benefit with a chain-link fence is that your motion detection lights will still work properly. With a solid fence, a criminal would have to scale the fence before the lights turn on. However, you want to focus on preventing these individuals from trying to attempt a crime, which is better accomplished by scaring them away before they have a chance to jump over the fence that secures your property.

Invest in Timer Lighting for Better Security

When you are at home, you do not need to rely on any security-related measures to make it look like you are inside and awake. However, when you go to work, go to sleep, or go on vacation, you want to invest in timer lighting and even a simulated television to scare off potential criminals that are looking for homes to break into. These individuals can see the lights turning on and off and other activity through the chain link fence, which means they are more likely to pass up your home, thinking it is occupied.

Although a home security system can provide you with peace of mind, you do not have to get one to make your home more secure. Adding a chain-link fence and following a few other security-related tips can deter most criminals from ever attempting to break into your home. Talk to a residential fence contractor like Alco Fence Company for more information on the best kind of fence for your home.