Selecting The Right Type Of Material For Your New Deck

27 July 2016
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When installing a deck for a home, the options for decking material can seem overwhelming. Here is more information on 4 different kinds of materials. Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages that could make it a good fit for your home.

Pressure-Treated Wood

The most common type of wood that you'll find for decking material is lumber that has been pressure-treated. The majority of new decks use lumber that is pressure treated, and you will quickly realize why it is such a popular choice for a deck. The material can be stained and will be able to resist the wear and tear that comes from people walking on it.

The biggest problem with pressure-treated wood is that different qualities can be manufactured, so you may need to pay a little more to avoid flimsy materials. The cheaper materials can have a lot of moisture in the wood, which causes it to twist and shrink when it dries out. A more premium material will have a straight grain and very little knots, with the wood being kiln-dried to reduce the chance of the material warping. Talk with a professional, like Rainier Fencing & Decking, for more information on different decking qualities.

Tropical Wood

Look for tropical wood sourced from red tauari, cumaru, and Philippine mahogany. They are very tough and durable, as well as being naturally resistant to rot and insect. The wood will not need to be pressure-treated either, which can help make the wood be more affordable.

Redwood and cedar wood

A homeowner may select redwood or cedar because the color of the wood is very rich. These softer woods do not have chemicals pumped into them either, so they may be more affordable. It is the oils and tannins that are found inside the wood that help the material become insect and rot-resistant. Look for material that uses heartwood if you want to ensure that it is resistant to potential problems.

Composite Materials

Composite decking is essentially made out of plastic, but it provides a material that is both beautiful and stable. It's common for composite material to be made in a variety of colors, giving you plenty of options to pick from. Some composite materials are even made out of recycled wood fibers and plastic, which helps the material become stain and weather resistant. This material won't splinter and will be resistant to the weather.

Can't decide on the decking material for your home? Meet with a deck contractor in your area. They can provide you with more information, as well as price quotes for the installation.