Four Ways To Upgrade Your Pool Fencing From Functional To Fancy

1 July 2016
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While fencing around your pool is needed to keep your family safe, it doesn't need to be ugly. There are ways to spruce up the fence you already have if you can't invest in a new look entirely. Here are four clever pool fencing upgrades that can make your pool area feel more like a resort.

1. Utilizing Plants

Vines and bushes can hide iron or chain link fencing and bring a lush, green feel to your pool area. If you can source plants that will grow up and over existing fencing, this can help cover up older, unsightly areas of your pool fence. If you can plant vines or bushes at the base of your fencing, this is great. If your fence is surrounded by concrete, adding in low planters or pots for plants to be anchored in can work as well.

2. Adding a Brick Base or Pillars

If you have an existing fence that is still functional and works well around your pool, you can always embellish iron, aluminum or chain link fencing. Laying a base of brickwork foundation at the base of fencing can immediately spruce up your look. Bricks can also surround fence posts to give your yard a more regal look. Existing fencing that will stay out in the open can easily be spray painted to match brickwork and will benefit from a quick upgrade.

3. Rattan or Bamboo Screens

Natural screens attached to existing fencing can give your pool space a tiki feel, where people can relax and hang loose. Adorn your pool area with existing tiki torches to complete this look. Bamboo or rattan screens can be found in rigid forms to attach to pool fencing. These screens also come in a more malleable form that can be purchased in rolls and stood up against fencing for an immediate upgrade.

4. Adding Wooden Touches

If are you looking for a fresh fencing upgrade, add in wooden lattice work in front of a more dated, municipal fence. Lattice is nice because this still lets in light and isn't completely closed off like a full wooden fence might be. This can either be left natural, stained, or painted white for a more crisp look. If you are worried your fencing is too low, lattice can extend over the top of it for more coverage.

As long as your fencing keeps your pool area safe, this is what matters the most. If your pool fencing is losing functionality and needs to be upgraded, this isn't something that you should put off for too long. If you opt for function over style when it comes to a new fence, there are still accents you can add to make your pool area more of an oasis. For more information on pool fencing, contact a company like York Fence Co.